Sending files to your school server

In the new release of eduDroid school users will being able to send any file from the File Browser or other app directly to their school server.

Once the file is selected within the app of your choice if it supports SEND/SHARE, you will be able to share with eduDroid.

Then select one of your own paths and send it to your server.

eduDroid running in single user mode, can send or share images with eduDroid and import straight into the Picture Creator.

eduDroid posing

Select from the share menu "eduDroid"

Select from the share menu “eduDroid”

It's detected an image

Enter filename

Select a network path

Now time to uploade

That’s it, children can now very quickly send and content created on their android devices for use in Word, Powerpoint or any other program they want :)

NB: You can set up 5 network paths, all your devices will have access to them.

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