V1.2 – NEW Stop Motion Module

After a month of coding we have written just over 4000 lines of code to bring your our new Stop Motion Module for all device with android Honeycomb and up.

How to use:
Access via the main menu.
Create a new project.
Click to add frame.
Pick you camera and options.
Tap the circle to start capturing.
Capture as many frames as you want.
Press back and your frames will load.
You can preview your animation here.

To export:
Go to the projects page and if you have two or more images you will see a save button.
You will be able to set Frames/Second and save as a GIF
If you have a device running Jelly Bean you will be able to make an MP4
Select your size and press “Make”

Once exported you will be able to play your animation.

If you want to send your animation to us at info@edudroid.co.uk we will put them on our site.

NEW Icon, we have spent some time redesigning our icon and have created this, what do you think?
eduDroid Icon

Happy Learning
eduDroid team

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