eduDroid - android in education

Managing a network of mobile devices in schools

Managing a network of mobile devices is normally a time-consuming business for any network manager, but eduDroid has been designed specifically as a solution to this problem.

eduDroid is easy to install and maintain on an unlimited number of android devices. These are then updated when required from the server, rather than individually over the internet, to save time and effort.

If you are looking to set up a network of mobile devices in your school, and want to know about more about what eduDroid can offer you, please contact us


What are the main benefits of purchasing a school licence?

Great value for money

  • Subscribe for only £150 a year for use on an unlimited amount of devices.
  • Included in the subscription is a licence to allow parents FREE use of eduDroid at home.

Adapt the software to your teaching needs

  • Create content to differentiate modules to specific classes or pupils. For example, teachers can create topic-based spelling lists, input troublesome words for precision teaching or design a numeracy quiz to test their existing knowledge.
  • Create a session for pupils to join. The session provides feedback about the pupils' progress and can be 'locked', by the session creator, to prevent unauthorised access to other modules or apps.
  • Using directed browsing, adults can type in up to five website addresses and send them to the devices in their session to save valuable learning time.
  • Using Quick Poll, adults can turn the mobile devices in their session into voting pads. Choose from the different buzzer options, ask the children a question to answer and watch as the results are updated in real-time on the adult's device. If pupils attempt to leave the session, when they shouldn't, a warning will be displayed on the adult's device.
  • If your mobile devices have a camera, children can take pictures and either save them to the server or print them for their records.

Easy network-managment

  • Using a server means there is no need to create google accounts for each device.
  • Manage eduDroid's central settings from any device.
  • Save files directly to the server from the devices. If your network printers are compatible you can also print directly to them.
  • Admin users can access 3rd party apps for quick installations from the server to selected devices.