eduDroid - android in education

Available Modules


  • Spelling Bee – allows your child to practice their spelling using audio and visual clues with increasing difficulty levels.
  • Spelling..Aire – a ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’ style quiz that tests your child on the spelling of common words and word structures within their learning level.
  • Learn Letters – a tool for your child to hear how letters should sound phonically and see words that begin with that letter.
  • Word Search – The classic game to find all the given words in a grid. This will help to familiarise your child with words and their structure.
  • Precision Teaching – generate words for your child to learn by repetition using the grid and timer.
  • Handwriting Letters – allows your child to practice handwriting skills with visual clues and hints. Can be used with cursive and capital letters.
  • Writing.. Aire - a ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’ style quiz that tests your child on many aspects of literacy including: sentence structure, word meanings, sound-a-likes, spelling patterns and familiar phrases.
  • eBooks - A collection of fiction and non-fiction books. Read aloud to your child or get them to read to you.
  • Flash Cards - A series of cards to familiarise children with the alphabet, animals, body parts and colours.


  • Mathion..Aire - a ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’ style quiz that tests your child on many elements of numeracy including: counting, ordering and reading numbers, using symbols, recognising shapes, reading graphs and telling the time.
  • Alien Shooter - a fast-paced game to increase your child’s recall of number multiples. How many correct multiples can they catch in a given time?
  • Bond Shooter - a fast-paced game to encourage your child to perform numbers bonds quickly in their head to work out the correct answer.
  • Timer/Stopwatch – set the timer for a challenge or use the stopwatch to see who’s quickest.
  • HTUs – Hundreds, Tens and Units – a visual tool for counting, working out and sorting numbers using the visual blocks for easy reference.
  • Money – use the interactive pictures to increase your child’s familiarity with all denominations of money. Ask them to create specific amounts or work out the sums on a given difficulty level.
  • Clock – use the built-in quiz to help your child tell the time. Use the ‘How long is?’ feature to help them quantify the passage of time.
  • Playing Cards - Play the traditional game of 'Higher or Lower' using the eduDroid deck of cards. The cards can also be used as a number and sum generator.
  • Flash Cards - Numeracy flash cards to help familiarise your child with money, time, numbers, geometric shapes and times tables.
  • Triangular Maths - a game with increasing difficulty levels to help your child improve their multiplication. Numbers in two corners of the triangle must multiply together to give the third number.

Sound Recorder

Use the built-in sound recorder to capture your child’s creative talents. Record stories or projects and save them as sound files on your device for later use.

Picture Creator

Create a masterpiece with the picture creator! There are many templates available for your child to colour in as they wish. You can also develop their creativity further by using a blank canvas or importing your own image to create something entirely new.

Stop Motion

Use the devices camera to produce a stop frame animation! If you use the auto shoot option or capture manually, it will only take a few taps to create your animation. Save them as GIFs or MP4s (Jelly Bean+ devices only) and share them with your friends and family.

App Lock

A security feature to prevent your child from accessing other applications while using the mobile device. This is particularly useful in the classroom when you need their attention to be on learning. Apps can be unlocked and locked by an adult user when required.

Eyes Up*

Adults and teachers can automatically lock devices in their session to prevent children from playing when they should be listening. Unlock the devices to continue the session activities.

Voting Pad*

Use the Quick Poll feature in the classroom for a whole class experience. Children can answer set questions using buzzers and teachers will get real-time statistics from all the devices. Teachers will also be warned when devices leave a session.

The Internet*

Access the internet in full-screen without the security fears. Teachers and adults can send websites directly to all devices in a session which will save time and prevent unauthorised access to other websites.


If your mobile device has a camera, eduDroid will enable children to take pictures and either save them to the server or print them for their records.

Files to Server*

Files can be sent quickly to multiple locations on your server for later access.

Access Files on Server*

With a built in child friendly Network Browser you can easily send files to your devices for use in classroom.

Install 3rd Party Apps*

Admin users have easy access to other downloaded and purchased apps for quick installations from the server to selected devices.

* Features marked with a star are only available on the schools version of eduDroid.